Classes & Presentations

The Canon Food Co-op holds monthly presentations as well as monthly classes. The classes are normally two hours long and there is a charge associated with with the event if you are not a co-op member (usually $5). In the event that we have a paid speaker, the co-op will suggest a donation fee to cover the speaker’s fee. The free monthly presentations are held at the monthly potluck meetings. Presentations are 15 – 20 minutes in length. Monthly meetings are held in various locations. Check the left side of the page (Upcoming Events) for date and location of the monthly potluck meetings.

Meeting Presentations all presentations will be held at the Abbey in  St. Mary’s Hall (classroom looking type building) in room 108 unless noted differently in the descriptions below. (map)

Classes Most classes are free for members ($5 for non-members)

Upcoming Classes

Local Desert Canyon Farm hosts workshops in April & May!

The May co-op class will be held at the Desert Canyon Farm. The free class – Friendly Ways to Deal with Challenging Wildlife in your Garden runs from 10-11 am. Stay after the co-op meeting at noon and attend another free class called – Growing Techniques for Perennials in a Western Garden (1:30-2:30 pm). Desert Canyon Farm is located at 1270 Field ave. Canon City.


Previous Classes and Presentations

Growing Herbs: Jeanne Schmidt,

Soap Making – Cori Quevillon

Companion Planting – Penn Parmenter

Tai Chi – Dr. Lee

Mozerella Cheese making – Donia Knapp

Wine Tasting – Dave Fuselier

Green Smoothies – Phyllis Swenson

Making cheese with goat’s milk – Cori Quevillon

Water Kefir – Judy Van Acker

Canning – Cori Quevillo

Darlene Hopkins herbal classes – click here

Sleep disorders – Darlene Hopkins

Field Trip Penn’s house for a tour and lively conversation. 12746 County Road 255, Westcliffe, Co 81252

DIY Water filters – Dan & Cynthia Nichols

New Cottage Law – Sid Darden

Thrive – Freeze dried foods – Roxanne Kemp

Conversations with Master Gardeners – Seven Master Gardeners discussed their tips and tricks to successful planting ventures in Fremont County.

How to grow native plants in Fremont County ~Master Gardeners Ann Zielinski and Mary Richardson

Mother Earth News conference – Curtis Johnson

Pruning Class – Lynne Sage & Sandy Sigmund

Toxic Homes – Tonya Lewis

Planting Seeds – Master Gardeners -Lynne Sage & Sandy Sigmund

Dowsing Class – Dowser Dan

Meatless Mondays – Harriet Balhiser (Ethical Vegan Society)

Wine Tasting @ Spring Creek Vineyards (photo)

Dutch Oven Cooking – Phyllis Swenson

Poultry Processing Class (pics) Alex Van Acker

Making Komachu Tea oct. 2011 (pics) – Donia Knapp

Making Apple Cider – Marvin Carter

Creating a compost pile – Richard Hubler

Seed Saving (August 27th)Penn Parmenter a seed expert presented a one hour class on seed saving.

Canning Class  (August 15th 2011) – Verla (Extension Office)

Extending your Garden throughout the Seasons -Richard Hubler. See photo.

Growing Small Fruits, Joel Reich (horticulturist)

Vermiculture – worm raising  See photos of class.

How to Make Cheese -Richard Hubler (pics)

Dormant Oil – Master Gardener, Lynne Sage

Garden Prep Class – Master Gardener, Lynne Sage

How to effectively manage animal pests (Animal Control Officer)


Previous 2010 Classes & Meeting Presentations

Grow More Food Than You Ever Thought Possible In Your Own Backyard! – Richard Hubler

Wine Tasting December – Dan Le Fusliers

Bread making- Marvin Carter

Cider Making – Marvin Carter

Chili Roasting & Salsa Making

A Javernick Farm (CSA) Tour by Beki Javernick at the Javernick Farm

Weed Identification –

Dehydrating Food and Herbs

Eating locally in Mexico

Permaculture Class  Becky Elder, from Pikes Peak Permaculture,

Desert Canyon Farm in Canon City has free workshops starting April 30th. Classes range from growing vegetables in containers to making your own herbal tinctures.

Email Judy Van Acker for questions regarding class times and locations.


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