People interested in being elected to the Canon Food Co-op Board

Hi!  My name is Abi and I have been a member of the co-op since 2011.  Since my husband and I moved to Penrose in 2010, the majority of people we have met and formed relationships with have been through the co-op.  I feel like the co-op is an excellent place to meet people who have interests similar to ours, as well as a place to learn from others.  I am passionate about eating local and eating healthy, and I believe the only way to get real, good food, is to grow it yourself!  I have a very strong interest in gardening and specifically Permaculture.
I obtained my Colorado Gardener Certificate in 2012 and now use the things I learned from the course, combined with my growing knowledge of Permaculture in an attempt to work with nature to transform our land into what we dream of.
The Canon Co-op encompasses all of Fremont County, and I think that having a face from Penrose on the Board could bring a fresh new perspective to the table.

Hi! I’m Donia Knapp.  I have been a Co-op member since its inception.  I organized the initial meeting and have been on the Board & Treasurer since the first election in 2008.  I am responsible for the emails you receive and play a part in maintaining the website and blog website. I have been active in the Farmers Market, greenhouse work, bulk ordering & buying, workshops & classes, tax preparation, advertising & promotion and maintaining the lending library.    My original vision for the Co-op was to have a storefront Food Co-op and Community Garden.  Hopefully someday we will grow into that, but for now I am very happy with the progress we’ve made in the education and awareness we bring to the community and all the new friends I’ve made since becoming involved. Donia is Treasurer.

Hello! I am Judy Van Acker. I have been a co-op member since its inception. I am a current board member and past secretary. My involvement with the co-op spans from helping with the greenhouse, to working the Farmers Market booth, maintaining the co-op library, producing promotional materials, updating the web site, and organizing educational classes and demonstration for members, as well as the public. The Canon City Food Co-op is an organization that inspires people to care about their food and their environment. It is also a place that nurtures friendship. I am committed to seeing this co-op grow and flourish, because I believe that when a group of like-minded compassionate people come together, there is really nothing we can’t accomplish. Come join us!

Cori Quevillon – First I would like to thank you for considering me for the board. Currently we live in Penrose, on 5  acres with various farm animals ( Horses, Cows, Goats Sheep And Chickens). My hobbies including gardening, canning, horseback riding and shooting. Am driven constantly to learn new skills, last year going through the Colorado Master Gardener program, and with this year learning to be an NRA pistol safety instructor.  But my favorite past time is finding ways to be more self sufficient.  If it can be homemade, then it is a goal! I also Love to teach skills/classes that have been privileged to acquire over the years!


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