Greenhouse Update

Arlette has news from the greenhouse:

Finally! The tomatoes and peppers are coming along pretty well.  They all have fruit on them and are starting to ripen.  The tomato plants are huge!  I’m afraid to feed them. Check out the size of this one tomato plant. I believe it’s a crimsom cushion.    I lost control  of their size and had to do a lot of tying up of branches.   :   )    Maybe in a couple weeks they’ll be ready for harvest.  I’ve seen a couple of ripe ones so far. There are several different varieties of tomatoes in the greenhouse. The names are somewhere under the masses of leaves on popsicle sticks.  There are also a couple swiss chard plants and collard greens.  David has a merlot grapevine in the first bed that has gone wild.  

I’ve recently planted onions, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, carrots, cilantro, and basil seeds.  I planted an artichoke plant that came from my gardens.  Maybe it will produce in the greenhouse.  Let me know if there’s something in particular you want planted.

The number of grasshoppers has been greatly reduced but now I have to tackle the aphids on the pepper plants.  Insecticidal soap and some blasts of water should do the trick.  As usual, there are some leaky soaker hoses so I’ve been replacing those with hoses I don’t need from my gardens.

If you get food from the greenhouse DO NOT PICK from “Ruby’s Garden” where the cucumbers are.  She also has tomatoes and squash planted in her area.  Anything else is up for grabs.  Thanks.



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