Grasshopper Invasion!

The greenhouse has been overrun with grasshoppers.  We sent out a message to members asking for help on how to control them.  Here are some of the remedies we got:

Catch them and eat them. Cats like to catch grasshoppers. They are a great protein source, and people all over the world eat them. I have eaten them in China and mexico. A 1/4″ mesh net is good for catching hundreds at a time. Stretch it out horizontally 1 foot off the ground in a “target zone” at one end of the green house. Next, “drive” the grasshoppers (like herding cattle or tuna) into the net. Their legs get caught in the netting, they can’t escape. By brushing the plants with smaller nets, you can catch/drive them. This is done by the insect vendors in mexico and china to supply their street stands selling toasted bugs. Pull their heads and wings off, (guts come out with heads), toast in an iron skillet, wok, or dutch oven, toss in garlic butter and a little salt, or curry, hot chili paste or oil, and enjoy!–Paul Hartshorn

I use NOLO bate. You can pick it up at Brady’s. Doesn’t hurt animals or plants. They say to use 5 teaspoons per 100 sq. feet but if you are overrun, use more. After watering, apply some more or take a can and open both ends, put can on its side and sprinkle NOLO bate inside it. Grasshoppers will hop in and eat it.
Happy plants!–Beth Hart (NOTE: We have since be told that NOLO shouldn’t be used on edible plants)

Chickens or hot pepper wax repellant.–Becky Starling

catch them and go fishing… eat the fish.–Marvin & Paula

Another option would be diatonatous earth.–Lynne Sage is the Colorado State extension office discussion on grasshoppers. I didn’t read through all of it but they are hard to control.  Might try Safer insecticidal soap (if the Master Gardeners say it’s OK for organically grown veggies), you can try cheesecloth (but they chew through it), chickens (yeah, right) but they also eat the new leaves, etc.  There are some nasty things like Sevin dust (ick!) also suggested.    –Helene Blake

Golden Harvest Organics website has some good info for grasshopper control as far as garlic oil spray; plants which repel grasshoppers, etc.

Keep those ideas coming!!


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