Greenhouse Update


Arlette & Donna have been volunteering in the greenhouse lately and look at all the great things that are taking place.  Here’s news from them:    We got quite a bit done today (Saturday).  We removed the dead plants in the greenhouse and cleaned up most of the debris.  We’ll go back later and sweep up and remove more.  We also seeded a lot of different greens, broccoli, and basil.  I put string up around some of the areas and we put in plant markers.

Corky is still working on the water situation.


There’s a lot of parsley still left in there and some kale that’s regrowing.  Please let people know so they can come harvest some if they want.  Otherwise, we are going to dig up most of the parsley since it’s taking up a lot of room.

AFTER with Donna

Things noted that need to be done
1) water for beds!!
2) soil amendment ( Mike had great alpaca manure)
3) remove rest of debris
4) get all the material in there organized. 
5) plan crop rotation for next planting so things are not all in the same spots this year
6) someone with a bobcat to turn the compost pile to the left of the greenhouse

One response to “Greenhouse Update

  1. You two be proud of this great accomplishment. You are so appreciated for the time and energy and focus you have invested.

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