October News

The summer is winding down and the Co-op is wrapping up the summer season and getting ready for the holiday season and winter.  This Sunday is our October meeting and Class on Making Apple Cider.  If you are interested in making apple cider, bring your own apron, apples and containers and join in the fun—chopping, crushing and bottling your own cider!  Class is free to Co-op members and $5 for non-members.

After the class we will be having the October meeting at 4 pm.  Donia will be giving a demonstration on Making Kombucha Tea (important pro-biotic).  If you would like to take home a starter to make your own, bring a clean pint-sized jar.  After the meeting we will be having our usual “pot-luck.”  No theme this time, but we do promote local/homemade foods.

The farmers markets had a successful season this year thanks to much help from Sandy Sigmund and Cori Quevillon.  We appreciate all the help we received this year from all members that worked the booth, brought us produce/crafts to sell and supported us by coming by and buying our wares.  We don’t make a huge amount of profit from the market, but it helped recruit about 20 new member households this year.  Thanks again!

Gloria Stultz’ Kitchen Pantry is now up and running.  She would like to make the Pantry an extension of the Farmers Market and is looking for persons interested in utilizing the Pantry to produce “groceries” to sell–and she has space available in the Pantry to display and sell your items.  The Co-op is exploring ways to use the Pantry for repackaging/selling our bulk purchases and also selling our greenhouse “produce.”  If any members are interested in becoming involved in this project and have knowledge or hands that can help, please let us know.

We are still looking for new members to serve on the Board.  The election is coming up and if you would like to be a part of our future direction, please let us know so we can get your nomination rolling.  Or if you know someone who would be great for the position, nominate them.  Nominations must be in by October 15th.  We have many ideas for our future direction and would love to have more members become involved.

We are preparing to make our annual run to the San Luis Valley for organic potatoes, quinoa and freshly milled flour.  If anyone if planning a trip to that area within the next 3 weeks and would like to pick up these things for us, let us know—we will gladly pay your fuel expenses (you will probably need a truck, though).  We will have 50# bags of #2 russet potatoes for $10.00, fingerling potatoes @ $1.20/lb., 25 & 50 lb bags of freshly milled organic hard red wheat flour for $14 & $21 respectively.  “White” whole wheat pastry flour is also available for a slightly higher price.   We don’t have a price on the white and black quinoa yet, but it should be similar to last years’ prices.  All of these items are grown organically.  These prices are for members that order in advance, so get your order in ASAP.  If you are not a member and would like to take advantage of these great prices, let us know and we will send you a membership application.  Membership dues are $25/year.


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