More April News

The April meeting of the Co-op was Sunday and we had a great time.  Prior to the meeting, Richard Hubler gave a class on Cheese Making.  He showed us how he makes cheese from his goats’ milk and also showed us how to make a slightly different kind of cheese from cows’ milk.  A great time was had and we all got to make our own little tub of flavored soft cheese (using garlic, jalapenos and the various seasonings Richard brought) to take home with us.  Crackers were also provided so we could taste test our recipes.  Thank you Richard!

The greenhouse continues to produce lots of green food.  Some of us have been eating the spinach, lettuce, turnips, beets, lamb’s quarter, kohlrabi leaves, kale and various herbs growing there.  If anyone is interested in getting some of these fresh greens—let us know by emailing Donia at .  We also have a new batch of local honey available, have organic brown basmati rice & millet on order, and we are currently taking orders for sharing a grass-fed, nitrate/nitrite-free pig.  If you are interested in any of these, email Donia.   We also have members that have eggs and hay for sale.  Just let us know what you are looking for or what you have for sale and we will get the word out.

The next Co-op “day” will be May 15th at Judy’s house (1636 Elm Ave).  Richard will be giving another class, this time on Making Compost.  The meeting will be held after the class at 4 pm.  Pot luck theme next month will be “Maypole Magic.”  Bring food that reminds you of spring.

The Co-op continues to grow and welcome new members.  We have had 23 new members join since the beginning of the year and currently have almost 60 member households.   We are planning to participate in both Farmer’s Markets in Canon City this summer and hope to see everyone there at some point helping out.


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