April News

Our new drip system!

Wow!  Spring came on fast and things are really going and growing.  The greenhouse now has a drip system on a timer.  Whooopeeee!  It looked great when I was in there this afternoon.  Everything was wet and happy!  Thank you Lynn and T—we are so appreciative and we know it took a lot of time.  We now have enough greens (beet, turnip, kohlrabi, kale, parsley, spinach, and lettuce) to sell and they are coming fast and furious.

Greens Anyone?

The March meeting went well with 2 classes before the meeting.  Lynn Sage gave a class on fruit tree pruning.  Everyone got to join in pruning the young fruit trees and older peach tree at the Spring Creek Vineyards.  After that class, Dave Fuselier gave a class on grape vine pruning along with a little story on the vines likes and dislikes.  The business meeting was followed by our potluck of “green foods.”  While we ate, Lynn gave a short talk on dormant sprays for fruit trees. 

The Co-op will be participating in the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings in front of the library again this year.  That market runs from June – October from 8am-1pm.  The Co-op will also be participating in the Farmers Market on Wednesday, 4 -7-pm in the Royal Gorge Train Depot parking lot along the river.  That market will run from June 1st thru October 12th.  Come see us, or better yet, come help us.  We are looking for people to help man the Co-op stands.  Its lots of fun and members are free to sell their produce, plants or crafts.  Let us know if you are interested in helping out.

The April meeting will be held at the Green Desert Eco-Farm in Rockvale.  Richard will be giving a class on Goat Cheese Making before the meeting at 2 pm.  As always, classes are free for Co-op members and $5 for others.  The meeting will be held after the class; the potluck theme is “Goes with Cheese,” and the program will be given by me on Companion Planting.  Not sure how I got roped into doing this the day before tax deadline, but I am taking on the challenge.  So, be sure to bring a friend, it is always a good time!

After the grape pruning class, Dave inspired me to go home and prune my 16 year old concord vine that had never been properly pruned.  What a job and I’m still not sure if I did it right; or maybe I just killed it.  So far—no signs of life.  Here are pictures of before and after.

Grapevine Before

Grapevine After


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