February News

Biointensive Gardening Class

The Canon Co-op February meeting will be held on Sunday the 20th at 4 pm.  It will be at Aardwolf Alpacas (www.aardwolfalpacas.com) located at 167 Cactus Drive W., Canon City (8 miles west of Canon City and 2 miles up Highway 9).  Harriet Balhiser will give the program on the new Ethical Vegan Society she has started in Canon City.  She will provide vegan food samples.  We will also have a dessert/cookie exchange for our potluck.  Please email us or call Donia (275-3140) to arrange carpooling.  No need to waste gas these days.

There is much going on this month with the Co-op.  Some of our members attended a Weston A. Price Foundation meeting in Colorado Springs and learned how to make kefir, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods.  Look for a program on making kefir later in the year.

The Ethical Vegan Society will be meeting on Monday, February 14 at 2 PM at Momo’s Japanese Restaurant (located at 1540 Royal Gorge Blvd. – across the driveway from Canon Coffee Café).

Richard & Kerry are doing their earthbag barn building blitz next weekend (Feb. 18-20) and they need help.  See the article in the Daily Record (http://www.canoncitydailyrecord.com/Top-story.asp?ID=15860).  And here is a note from Richard:

We need some help getting folks to come out, particularly to help with people management, food, etc. We keep getting more and more folks calling to help with the manual labor, especially since today’s paper had us on the front page! We were hoping for lots of folks and it seems like that might happen. Not many people are calling to say they’ll come just to hang out and help with all the ancillary stuff though. So I am hoping you can help get the word around and maybe let friends know they can come out to help and won’t have to lift shovels or do manual labor or anything of that sort.

Lynne Sage will be conducting a garden prep class on Thursday Feb. 24th from 6:30 – 8 pm.  It will be held at the Canon City Fine Arts Center.  The cost of the class is $20, Co-op members are free.

The Co-op will have a fresh supply of organic pasta, organic whole wheat spaghetti and organic raw sugar for sale at the meeting.  The pasta is $1.50/package and the sugar is $1/lb.


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