Biointensive Farming Workshop on January 23rd

Grow More Food Than You Ever Thought Possible In Your Own Backyard

Introduction to Biointensive Gardening Workshop

The Canon Food Co-op will be hosting an introduction to Biointensive farming, an organic system that maximizes food production in a minimal amount of space. Biointensive class flyer

Location: Fremont Center for the Arts,

505 Macon Ave across from Canon City Library

9am-3pm Sunday January 23rd.

Cost is $20 at the door (Co-op members get in free)

Bring a dish to share at the potluck lunch.

Class space is limited, so please register early.

Contact the Canon Food Co-op by email at

or call Judy Van Acker at 640-5979

GROW BIOINTENSIVE mini-farming techniques make it possible to grow food using:

67% to 88% less water

50% to 100% less fertilizer

99% less energy than commercial agriculture

all while using a fraction of the resources

These techniques can also:

Produce 2 to 6 times more food

Build the soil up to 60 times faster than in nature, if properly used

Reduce by half or more the amount of land needed

Statistics courtesy of Ecology Action

Workshop Description:

The Bio-intensive farm workshop, which takes place on Sunday January 23rd, will cover the methods developed by John Jeavons, a prominent agriculturist whose biointensive techniques have been implemented by Save the Children, UNICEF, and The Peace Corps.

From 9am until noon, we will cover the 8 principles of Biointensive farming in the classroom:

  • Deep Soil Preparation
  • Composting
  • Intensive Planting
  • Companion Planting
  • Carbon Farming
  • Calorie Farming
  • Open Pollinated Seeds
  • Whole System Method

From 1 to 3 pm, the workshop will move to the Co-op’s Greenhouse Space at Spring Creek Vineyards, 1702 Willow St, where we will practice deep soil preparation.

Participants are requested to bring a dish to share at the one hour pot-luck lunch break, designed so community members can meet and connect with each other while sharing a meal.


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