GARDENING—Why do we do it?  I just read the last entry in Kevin’s blog ( and although I agree with most of what he writes about our nation, it certainly was a depressing read.  Kinda gives you the feeling of why bother.   But we still do bother to grow our own gardens, and what a difficult (and exhausting) thing it is to do sometimes.  Gardening outside is natural—you have the sun, rain, clouds, air, soil—what else do you need?  Well, you also have the bugs, marauding mammals, birds, slugs & snails, and don’t forget the boyfriend trying to help who doesn’t know a weed from a pepper plant.  So move inside to the greenhouse—you can grow during the winter when nothing edible would grow outside.  But how do you keep it warm enough at night and cool enough during the heat of the summer; and where is the natural bug control–birds can’t get in.  Why not just give it up and go down to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings and get all you need for the week?  It couldn’t cost that much!

Notice the "cute" ones behind the fence eating the grapes & garden. How do we get them out of the city?

 People tell us we need to get a different “hobby.”  Is that what it is—a hobby??  I thought it was a lifestyle.   Would I then put too much time and effort into that new “hobby?”  I tried sailing for awhile (bought a 21’ sailboat), but although I loved spending weekends “on the water” it was fairly expensive–not to mention lonely.  With gardening, at least I feel I’m saving money by growing my own food—even though I think it might actually cost me more in seeds and soil additives; and you can always make friends giving away your excess produce and giant zucchinis—and believe me, you will have that.  But can you put a price on the Sunday mornings that I sit on my back porch and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife happening right in my back yard.  Not sure I could be happy sitting on the deck of a 16th floor apartment looking into my pots of tomatoes, peppers and basil.

Gardener's Pest Control: Plant extra for the bugs!

Gardening takes special people (Garden Divas)—those who marvel at the size of a cucumber after seeing it the day before too small to pick.  Those who don’t mind braving mosquitoes to go pick the beans, or squishing brightly-colored bugs between their fingers to avoid spraying their precious plants with chemicals.  Those willing to share their harvest with the birds, deer, skunk & raccoon—reluctantly of course.  And those who think about getting goats or chickens to eat the excess, just so they don’t have to throw it out—and some who actually do.

There are thousands of blogs out there in “webland” blogging about the joys and frustrations of gardening and living that lifestyle.  A few are listed below and you could spend all day reading those things—instead I would suggest that you start gardening—plant some vegetable seeds in your flower beds or find a Community Garden to get involved in.  Maybe if everyone was involved in a garden, maybe that would be some hope that our nation is heading in the right direction.

The birds like to help themselves

The Co-op will again try next spring to get a Community/Co-op Garden going–we have a space and could look for more if the need is there.  Please think about what you are putting into your mouth and ultimately your body, and make sure you know where your food comes from.  Get involved– with the Co-op, with your local church, with Loaves & Fishes, whatever you can do to support the local economy and help our nation promote healthy lifestyles.

As I see it, everyday you do one of two things: Build health or produce disease in yourself. ~Adelle Davis

Come see us at the Farmer’s Market–we’re there every week.  Come to one of our meetings–we have some great ones planned; farm tour of Javernick’s CSA Farm, salsa making, cider making, jam making.  Maybe you have some interest or talent we can learn from you.  You can pick and choose your cause with us–we have many.  Become a Garden Diva!



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