Long Overdue Update!

Wow! You really have to admire people who volunteer their time for good causes.  I always thought I’d wait until I retire to do some volunteer work and now I know why.  That extra 8 hours a day would be nice when it comes to scheduling your time.  There are many people in the Canon Co-op that deserve our recognition—they have all gone above and beyond for the Co-op and we wouldn’t be where we are today without all their hard work and time.  Thanks everyone—you know who you are!

The greenhouse is pluggin’ along.  As long as we keep it watered, it looks like things are ok.  The plants seem to be handling the heat well and we have gotten rid of most of the earlier crops that were dying in the heat and also attracting many pests.  There is a melon hiding among the tomato cages and the tomatoes are starting to ripen enough for us to pick.  The cucumbers are being harvested and the peppers and eggplants are making flowers.  We need to have another meeting with the Greenhouse Crew and discuss how we will keep it going through the winter.  We would like to get the solar heat working and need to figure out what and when to plant the fall and winter crops.  Any ideas?

The Farmer’s Market has been going well.  Marvin and Paula are keeping us supplied with all the organically grown produce we can sell and our honey, organic pasta and flower arrangements are very popular.  We recently had organic apricots from the western slope and sales were good.  We hope to have organic peaches soon!  Marvin and Paula planted their huge garden this year to try and supply the market with produce, but it is way too much work for them and the few people that have showed up to help this summer.  We need to step up and think about next year because they may not be able to take care of all our produce needs and wants.  Let’s make our community garden idea a reality for next year.  Smaller communities have done it—why not us?

Susan Levy with dried apricots

The last meeting of the Canon Co-op was great!  We had a program on dehydrating foods.  Donia told how she makes jerky and dries herbs and then Dr. Susan Levy talked about everything and anything else on drying foods.  Lots of samples were passed around and Suzanne Fox gave samples of her dehydrated crackers (see recipe below).  “Cool foods” were enjoyed at the pot luck and excess produce from the Farmer’s Market was distributed to members.  New members were welcomed into the group and Judy informed us on all the classes and workshops coming up in the next few months.  Next month’s meeting we will be having a tour of Javernick’s Farm—meeting will be August 15th at 4 pm at the Farm.  The pot luck theme is “What’s in Season (Locally).”  Please bring your own chairs.

Non Gluten fiesta Crackers for dehydrators

I use the Excalibur Dehydrator

 1 cup each


Sunflower seeds


1 large tomato

1 cup chopped onion

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp sea salt

1 jalapeno

4 tablespoons sesame seed or flax seed (to help bind)

Place tomatoes onion and jalapeno in food processor

Blend together.  Add nuts one cup at a time until blended.  If it seems too dry add a bit of water.  Fold in sesame seeds or flax seeds or a combination of both, the cumin and sea salt.  The batter should be a pancake consistency but not loose.  Pour into a dehydrator tray lined with Teflon sheets, score into squares, place sheets in dehydrator and allow to dry at a temp no more than 115 degrees.   Drying time should be at least 12 to 24 hours.  Check crackers after 7 to 10 hours.  See if they’re looking a bit dry.  Do this by pulling at one end of sheet.  If so, the crackers are ready to be turned over.  .  Place another dehydrator tray with just the screen (not the Teflon sheet) on top of the crackers and turn over. pull the Teflon sheet away from the crackers allow to finish drying .

Let them cool and put in air tight containers.  If you don’t gobble them up quickly, they can be stored in the fridge for a few months

This recipe adapts easily to any taste.  I sometime use zucchini, and tamari and no jalapeno.  Enjoy


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