Summer Heat!

First Greenhouse Tomatoes

First Cucumber!

The greenhouse is growing lots of things but the heat is taking its toll on all those things.  The tomatoes have been growing so well, not really showing the effects of the heat like the other cool weather crops in there.  But after looking closely at the pretty red tomatoes, you will see blossom rot on the bottom.    This happens when calcium is not readily available—from fluctuations in soil moisture or prolonged dry weather.    It was suggested that mulching the plants will help retain the moisture—sounds like a good idea.  The cucumbers seem to like the heat ok, but I wonder if we will discover some heat related problems with them at a later time, too.  The grasshoppers have moved on down the bed to the kohlrabi and chard.  The organic insecticidal soap I tried seemed to kill them on contact, but I’m sure there were a few hiding beneath some leaves that were spared.  There was a nice looking cucumber growing on one vine when I was there on Friday.  I sure hope someone picks it when it’s ready because I’m afraid it will be too ripe by the time I go back to water again next Friday.  Speaking of watering—the watering schedule has some holes in it—please sign up to water so we can keep that soil moisture consistent.  Click here to add your name to the watering schedule

The Co-op meeting last month was held at J C Tamales and we had a great program by Kevin Knox on Eating Locally in Mexico.  Join us for some potluck fun at Susan Levy’s house on July 25th @ 4pm.  Susan lives at Sunny Ridge farms @1072 Tennessee Ave. There isn’t a number on her house, so here are directions.   The house is adobe colored and on the east side of Tennessee.  Tennessee St. sits between Washington and High St. It is the greenest looking yard on the block and there is a small sign near a trash receptacle that says Sunny Ridge Farms.   The pot luck theme is “Cool” Foods.  The program will be “Dehydrating Foods & Herbs.”

July 3rd Market Crew

The booth at the Farmer’s Market is bigger and better this year.  We have had many more volunteers helping out  this year and we also have a Master Gardener that can answer any gardening question that you might have.  We have local honey and organic pasta for sale as well as crafts, lots of produce from Paula & Marvin’s “farm” and tomato plants grown by Richard.  Come see us and we can always use help running the booth.  Click here to sign up


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