Memorial Weekend

Deer Damage 5/29/2010

2008 Peony Harvest

I’ve always related Memorial Day with peonies and all those beautiful flowers adorning the graves.  Well, my peonies are not in full bloom yet, but there is one flower that is half way open and will be in full bloom tomorrow on the day that is important.  What a beautiful reminder of the brave souls that sacrificed for our freedom.

On another thought, I wonder if the deer eat peonies?  The deer have made more trips to my garden this year than in the past 15 years that I have lived here!  Early yesterday morning they had baby peas (& flowers) for breakfast. 😦  I have to admit that I’ve broken down and bought an “organic” granular animal repellent (“repels 20 different animals!”).  It consists of various fragrant herbs, half of which grow in my garden—I’ll let you know how it works.  The next thing I plan to try is fishing line.  That will probably be a story in itself.

1st Peas!

The plants' version of heatstroke

Did anyone see my notes in the log at the greenhouse from Friday?  When I got there it was 118 degrees!  Somehow the switch on the cooler for the cooling operation was switched to “off.”  So the cooler was blowing WARM air.  I switched it to “on” and the water started flowing to cool the air, but even after me being there over an hour watering the poor wilted plants, the temp had only gone down to 105.  Please everyone, check things out when you are there and make sure everything seems ok and ready to do what it is supposed to do.  The water hydrant should be on for the cooler to work, the cool switch must be “on” and the timer should be set to turn off around 7 or 8 pm.  Does anyone have an expertise in drip watering systems?  I think that is the project we need to tackle next–or maybe a misting system?

Well, besides the poor wilted plants in the greenhouse there were a few that looked good.  The tomatoes weren’t any worse for the heat and the peas seemed to be doing ok.  Even making some pods (these are the podded peas, not the edible pods).

The Co-op meeting went well last Sunday and Tammy’s program was enlightening.  It also made me think the other morning, when the news shows were reporting on the dangers of Children’s Tylenol and the current scarcity of the equivalent generic drug.  If those mothers that were freaking out were herbalists, they would just go to the garden and get some sage, rosemary or garlic to relieve that stubborn fever.  Why is it so hard for us to go back to the basics of nature?

Co-op Meeting 5/23

Some of the Co-op committees have been busy.  The Program & Classes committee met last week and they are planning a flyer to come out soon with information on classes available and demonstrations to be presented at meetings for the rest of the year!  The Farmer’s Market committee met with Gloria last weekend and we have our spot reserved and are getting our plants, produce and crafts ready for next weekend.  Please come by the booth to see what we have and sign up to help work.  We do have great fun!  Links to the sign up schedules for the Farmer’s Market and the Greenhouse Watering Schedule are located in the right hand column of this website under “Related Web Sites.”  Thanks to all who have helped in all these new projects.

If any of you are on Facebook, be sure to join the Canon Co-op Group.  There is much more information relevant to our mission posted there.


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