Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Canon Co-op is Sunday, May 23 at Desert Canyon Herb Farm, 1270 Field Ave, Cano City.  We will be attending the class “Culinary Herbs and their Medicinal Benefits” at 1:30 and the meeting will be held after the class around 3 pm.  Theme for the potluck is “Picnic Foods.”  Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on, and a friend, of course.

Becky Elder of Blue Planet Earthscapes

The Permaculture class was a huge success!  Becky, Brian and Ayesha had a wonderful program and the afternoon workshop was so much fun, as well as productive.  We learned all about caring for the earth, caring for the people, sharing the abundance and reducing consumption. 

In the afternoon we planted a cherry tree, red current bush, service berry bush, lupine, red clover, yarrow, horseradish, mullein, and many more plants in the Forest Garden and then we made a Lasagna Garden next to it and that is all ready to plant my squash seeds in.  Didn’t have to till up the soil, just laid that cardboard down and covered with organic matter.  It was great and everyone had a fun time, hopefully no one was too sore the next day.

Planting the Forest Garden

We have a few new members in the Co-op.  Cathy Campbell is the manager of JC Tamales next door to the Lincoln Park Fitness Center.  They offer fresh tamales made daily as well as sandwiches and salads.  Cathy is working with local farmers and ranchers to get the best produce locally whenever possible.  Check out their website at

Another new member that joined at the Permaculture Class, Richard Hubler, has lots of extra seedling pepper and tomato plants started from seed.  They are all 6-8 weeks old, and many varieties:  Roma, Wayahead, German Pink, and more tomatoes; Santa Fe Grande, and misc sweet and hot peppers.  They were started indoors and have been hardened off his lightweight greenhouse over the past couple weeks, so they are ready to plant.  Please email Richard if you are interested in getting some of these plants.

Another local business that we recommend is the Canon Coffee Café.  They are also serving local produce and they are providing the Co-op members with all their used coffee grounds for our gardens.  If you would like to get some of these coffee grounds, please talk to Marvin or Donia.

Members, Karin and Dave Fuselier of Spring Creek Vineyards are giving away literally thousands of plastic planting pots, all sizes, at their garage sale this Friday. Any Co-op member is welcome to come in advance, starting right now, to take your choice. They’re set out by the garage. Just take whatever you want. They need to free up some storage space and thank you for helping.

Judy has set up several “doodle” schedules for us—isn’t she great!?  The newest schedule is for members who would like to work at the Farmer’s Market and sell their wares.  You can find that schedule at the following website  Members are encouraged to work a couple of hours and see what we are all about.

The greenhouse is coming along and we are starting to harvest some things.  The radishes are the best tasting radishes I’ve ever tasted and the spinach and kale are ready to pick in bunches.  The peas are flowering and the tomatoes are growing like crazy.  The waterers are doing a great job and also managing to pull a few weeds at the same time, so things are looking good in there.  Marvin will have the swamp cooler on a timer soon and we will be able to keep those little plants from burning up in that midday heat.


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