Happy Mother Nature Day!

Lilacs in bloom

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I, of course, plan to spend it with my mother and children, but today I plan to spend with Mother Nature.  Mother Nature, the mother of the earth, deserves to be honored and respected every day.  In addition to conserving our resources and recycling, we should be planting her “offspring” and perpetuating her existence.  Take a look at the beautiful reminders we have of our Mother and how she cares for us.  The flowers beckoning the coming of spring and summer, the weeds we hate to pull that actually can be on the dinner table instead of in the trash can, and the beautiful face of our earth revealing new surprises around every corner.  Please take care of your Mothers—all of them.  Today I plan to plant some seeds, mushroom spawn, and tomatoes, turn some compost and support a few local producers.  Life is Good!

I went to the greenhouse yesterday; haven’t been there in awhile ‘cause the watering schedule has been so full I don’t have to water until next Friday.  It is looking great in there—peas are climbing the fence (by the way, the peas we thought were no good are all popping up now, including the extra seeds Judy put in the row), cucumbers are coming up, spinach, kale & radishes are ready to pick, and the tomatoes are looking good.  I picked some radishes and they were so tasty—a little sweet, hot and juicy, YUMMM!  Marvin was there and he was working on fixing a few of the straps on the flap crank.  Looks like we might need to take the whole thing apart at some point and redo it completely.  Sounds like we have all the materials to do it, just need to find some people and set up a time.  I put a batch of lady bugs in the greenhouse one night last week–right before the frosts we got.  I saw a few the next morning, but really haven’t seen many since.  If anyone has seen the wayward ladybugs around, please let us know.  I still haven’t decided if paying for those things is worth the price, but then again, I guess I haven’t seen any aphids around anymore either. So . . . anyone else have an opinion??

Marvin working on greenhouse

I’m getting excited about the Permaculture class coming up.  I met with the instructor, Becky, on Tuesday and she decided that my property is too flat to really benefit from the swaling exercise, so they have decided to do the Forest Garden /Lasagna Garden on a patch of land that has been a source of stress for me.  The last patch not developed; and Becky’s plans sound wonderful.  We are going to plant a cherry tree and maybe a current bush along with many nitrogen fixer perennials.  All without tilling the soil or changing the native “edible weeds” growing there.  Becky had so many good suggestions in the short time we met; I was very impressed with her knowledge.  I hope we will have a good turnout for the class on Saturday—it should be well worth your time.

Green Drinks is on Tuesday and will be at Dorito’s at 6 pm.  They are going to show us how to make a solar oven.  We always have great food and conversations at Green Drinks—come and join in Canon’s “Green” Community.


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