Judy’s News

Judy left a message for everyone:

Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to plant some stuff together in May at Paula & Marvin’s house. I have created a Doodle link (like the watering one).  We have about 80 tomato plants to get into the ground and maybe some more seeds to plant. So, if you would pop into this doodle link and click on the days that would be good for you, that would be great. I’ll let you know what day that is once everybody has responded to the doodle link.


Just an update on the greenhouse. I planted six tomato plants and a row of habanero peppers. Alex fixed the swamp cooler and it should be ready to go. As I was weeding I found some aphids (i think) on the kale plants. Luckily I found a ladybug and put her on the infested leaf. Man, did she go to town!! Wonder if we need more ladybugs? I picked a few spinach, kale and cilantro leaves to make myself a small salad. Yum-Delicious!


We all live downstream…

Thanks, Judy and Alex–having the swamp cooler working is going to be great and it won’t be too soon before we will need that.  Who knew a dentist could be so handy. . . LOL.   I watered everything tonight and things are looking good.  I sprayed some water on the kale to try and get rid of some of those aphids.  Didn’t really see any when I was done spraying, but maybe the lady bugs ate them all???  I’ll try and pickup some more ladybugs next time I’m at Brady’s.  The peas have finally reached the fence!  And we are starting to get some really nice looking garden beds in there. 


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