Planting Days

So the stores don’t only wave those plants in front of you before it’s time to plant, they also sell out of them before it’s time to plant.  I went to Brady’s Friday to buy some seed potatoes and they informed me that they sold out last week!  So it was back home to search the potato pantry for sprouting potatoes.  Guess I will be planting some russet and some fingerling potatoes this year.  Has anyone tried to grow the fingerling potatoes here??  Spring has brought the tulips and the lilacs are starting to bloom, the asparagus is coming up and the rhubarb is already here and plentiful.  If anyone wants some rhubarb, please let me know. 

Mike and Paula

The greenhouse is growing things like crazy.  We had a work day on Tuesday and we weeded, hung some wire for the cucumbers and melons we planted in the middle bed and planted a few more seeds.  There is spinach, kale, and cilantro ready to be picked—hint, hint . . .   the radishes are close and the peas are reaching up for the fence, but not quite there yet.  We have been offered some outdoor garden space next door to the greenhouse and we are seriously considering planting something there, too.  Anyone have some ideas???  Canon Coffee Café has agreed to save their coffee grounds for the Co-op.  They called me a little while ago and said they had grounds ready to pickup, so I went down there and they gave me a five gallon bucket of coffee grounds with a lid.  Didn’t really need to take my truck, I guess.    He did say that during the summer it can get kinda crazy and that we should bring a container so we can dump the grounds into our vehicle and give them their buckets back immediately.  So I guess we’d better get that figured out for the future and also, “What are we doing with these coffee grounds—and where am I supposed to take them?”

Today was my mushroom planting day . . . planted H.U.G. (a form of oyster) mushrooms with the potatoes in one of my raised beds.  These edible mushrooms are supposed to free up nutrients in your soil and help your garden vegetables “grow bigger and better.”  Then I planted some Shaggy Mane spawn in a new bed I made out of compost.  The last batch of spawn is supposed to be planted in hard wood chips, so that will have to wait.  Those mushrooms (the Garden Giant) are supposed to grow to nearly 5 lbs apiece!

H.U.G. mushroom & potato bed

Shaggy Mane bed


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