Rainy Weekends

Tax season must have really gotten to me this year; I had yesterday off and was such a zombie all day, I almost forgot to water the greenhouse.  By the time I got there right before 7 pm, I was freezing and so glad that it didn’t need watering.  I did pick some of the spinach and Asian greens to add to my eggs for breakfast.  I hope everyone else is partaking of the little leaves that are ready for picking.  And wow! There sure are a lot of tiny little weed sprouts coming up in the middle bed.  Liz’s tomatoes are looking great and let’s don’t forget to also water “Mother’s” cucumber seeds at the south end of the east bed.

The rain is great!  Isn’t it??  I can remember sitting on my deck in July just watching the rain pour off the roof–the drain spout just couldn’t hold it all.  Thank goodness the rain we have now isn’t that hard.  Now we don’t have to worry about watering the plants in our gardens and all these cool weather crops are lovin’ the temps outside.  But I know we would all love to be outside planting more—it is so hard to be patient this time of year and wait for the last frost.  Especially when the stores are all waving those tomato, pepper and squash plants in our faces.  I always put those out by the end of April and usually lose some to frost.  I guess when they say don’t plant before “Mother’s Day” they are right.  So enjoy the rain and have some patience.  Maybe I should do some housework. 😦

I was in my little greenhouse yesterday trying to salvage some seed starts that didn’t go too well for me.  I individually potted up 10 Piricicaba broccoli, 3 green bell Ace, and a few Pac Choi and Chinese cabbage.  Not a good percentage of germination.  The 3 pepper plants are under lights in the house and the rest are living in the greenhouse.  As for the rest of the seed starts, I have a few tomato seeds coming up, but I’m still hoping a miracle will happen and the seeds I planted more than a month ago will start showing their little green sprouts, too.  Sorry, Marvin & Paula . . .

Co-op meeting tomorrow and we have “The Chicken Man” coming to tell us about about raising chickens.  There are several Co-op members that are getting baby chickens and new laying hens this year.  I can’t wait to hear about all their experiences.  I can remember raising chickens and kids at the same time years ago and trying to keep them from killing each other.  But the fresh healthy eggs are well worth all the troubles.

Aardwolf Chicks

We have some really great things going on this summer with the Co-op, so tell your friends and come to a meeting–we have a great time.  And make sure you all check out the Permaculture Class coming up May 15th.  Permaculture gardening uses techniques & practices combining native plant cultivation, wildlife gardening & edible landscaping into a low maintenance productive ecosystem.  ECOSYSTEM–that is a good thing!


One response to “Rainy Weekends

  1. Have a wonderful meeting. We are on the western slope before leaving for 2 weeks to southern Cal. Gorgeous weather here after the clouds and cold in Canon on Friday. Daniel and Cynthia need someone to cover watering on Wed. April 21 and Wed April 28. Will be happy to double up on watering days when we return weeks of May 4 and May 11. Please confirm who will cover for us and who we can cover for upon our return to Colorado. Vendor events all Sat/Sun during May — can only water during the week.

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