April Gardening

Well, I think just about every seed we planted is coming up along with a few we didn’t plant.  Along with the bind weed and kochia, I saw spinach, chard, peas, onions, fennel, cilantro, beets, kale, broccoli rabe, lettuce, radishes, carrots, turnips, and kohlrabi.  We should probably think about planting some more seed soon, like cucumbers, squash, melons and beans to grow up those poles in the middle bed.  The watering schedule on the website is working out great and we have people scheduled to water for over 3 weeks in advance.

Dave replaced the screen door in the entrance with one he got from Habitat for Humanity.  It looks great, Dave, and fits perfectly.  Dave and Karin are also watching the temperature and opening vents and turning on fans as needed.  And we can tell the plants are lovin’ it!

The plants that are in the middle bed are recovering from being transplanted and are starting to put on some more leaves.  As they get bigger, the outer leaves will be available for picking and any of you “waterers” are free to pick some for your own use.  Just make sure you leave some leaves for the plant.  I have put labels among the plants to let you know what they are.

Lynn gave us a great program on Planning Your Garden last night and quite a few people attended.  If you missed it, you can get a really good book on Vegetable Gardening in the Pike’s Peak Region from the Colorado State University Extension Office at 615 Macon in Canon City.  And you also missed some great blueberry scones that Marvin made for the meeting.  Thanks, Marvin!


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