Greenhouse News

I went by the greenhouse this afternoon.  Liz had been there a few hours before and everything was moist.  There is a row of planted seeds along the east side of the middle bed that hasn’t been getting watered.  I moved the 2X4 to the end of the planted row to help mark that.  I watered and took some pictures.  There are so many little seedlings popping through the soil.  It’s exciting to see all that new life.  I saw a few peas coming up as well as beets, kale, onions, spinach and kohlrabi.  We should be eating radishes soon.

The watering schedule is still getting worked out.  Paula is watering on Mondays, DanCin on Tuesdays, John on Wednesdays, Mike on Thursdays, Liz on Fridays, Judy on Saturday, and I can do Sundays.   Is this schedule going to work for everyone??

Dave got the kerosene heater running this week and ran it all night Tuesday when we got all that snow.  Thanks, Dave!


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