Greenhouse & Gardening News

HAPPY SPRING!!!  10” of snow and still snowing at 8 am.  Those of us who got some seeds in the ground are so lucky to have the moisture.  We don’t have to water this week.  And the trees are lovin’ this moisture.  Those trees we trimmed at Kathy’s house are in great shape for this—no branches drooping from the weight of the snow like some other trees in town. 

When I was in the greenhouse on Sunday I noticed some of the seeds we planted on the12th coming up–we have radishes, lettuce, broccoli, and turnips peeking out of the soil.  We should be seeing some little peas coming up real soon.  We planted some more seeds and a few plants on the following Friday and those plants are still struggling to hold themselves upright.  Judy was at the greenhouse on Monday afternoon and the temp was 108 (yikes!).  She opened some flaps and was able to get the temp down to 96.  Tuesday morning she checked and the the temp was 68 (better).  Liz is going to go by tomorrow and check the temp and water.  Last weekend the temperature got down to 18 in the greenhouse and that won’t be adequate for starting seedlings.  We still have to figure out how to regulate the temp in there.  

 Lots of members are showing an interest in helping with this new project–we welcome you all and work days will be posted here.


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