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Welcome to the Canon Co-op Blog.  Please feel free to put down your IDEAS, THOUGHTS, NEEDS, INFORMATION YOU FEEL IMPORTANT, OR WHATEVER NEEDS TO BE SHARED.  Just click on the Leave Comment button above.

The Canon Co-op is looking for a permanent location to hold meetings, classes, and other events important to the community. If you are aware of a place that would work, preferrably with a kitchen able to be certified, please contact one of our members.


2 responses to “Canon Co-op News

  1. How do we post to this blog?

  2. Wednesday, April 7 at AMC “Antioxidants — Are you getting enough?” is the topic for “The Chocolate Hour” with Daniel and Cynthia Nichols. 5 synergistic antioxidants can make a huge difference in your health. Bring someone you care about.
    2:00 and 6:00 pm
    AMC (formerly New Age Imports)
    124 West Main
    Florence COlorado
    cell 429-1063

    Also, this might be a potential meeting place for the co-op.

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